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Retrofitting - Plastic Pit

The following instructions detail how to modify a plastic pit with retroribs to fit around an existing conduit in the ground.

  1. Mark and cut 2 circular holes to the required diameter at both ends at the depth required. Use a hole saw or drill several small holes and knock the centre piece out with a hammer.
  2. Clean cut edges with a rough file if desired.
  3. Cut the pit at the Retroribs (cutting grooves) in-line with the cut holes. Use an angle grinder with a cutting disc or cut with a hand saw.
  4. Fit the pit base underneath the existing conduit. Cut conduit flush with the inside of the pit if required.
  5. Fit top section of pit over the pipe and align with pit base. Ensure the top of the pit is installed at the required finished floor level.
  6. Using self-tap screws, fix the two sections back together from inside the pit. Use a minimum of 8 screws spaced evenly around the retroribs.