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  1. Excavation - Excavate the hole allowing for the size of pit, plastic base, frame and lid system.
  2. Prepare the Excavated Ground - Determine the anticipated load that will be subjected to the pit and prepare the excavation. The floor of the excavated ground can be constructed from compacted earth, mortar or aggregate concrete. Level and compact the floor.
  3. Drill Cable Entries - Drill out cable entries. Conduit holes must be spaced at least 50mm apart from each other. A bracing panel can be supplied to increase the wall strength.
  4. Installation of the Pit - Lower the assembled pit into centre of excavated hold.
  5. Backfilling - It is recommended to backfill in increments. For wall lengths greater than 1000mm, temporary internal bracing is recommended. Position lid(s) onto frame. Contact ACO or seek engineer's advice for more information.