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Technical Support

ACO provides extensive technical support for its range of access covers and cable enclosures. ACO’s Technical Services Department provides advice on product selection and recommended installation procedures. Equipped with purpose-written computer software, ACO can produce project specific design documents, free of charge and obligation.

Project Specific Services

Pit Sizing

ACO can help assess project requirements and recommend optimal pit sizes for cable routes. ACO will build the pit and deliver pre-assembled to site.

Access Cover and Lid Selection

ACO can assist with selection of appropriate cover or lid type for the application. When a multi-part cover and frame system is required, ACO will provide a custom designed multi-part solution, adhering to design criteria and WHS requirements.

Cable Routes

Cable routes can pass through various pavement materials with different load and traffic requirements. ACO can provide information to help safeguard integrity of underground space.


Electrical and communications industries have specific regulations/codes of practice governing its industry. ACO recommends designers and installers adhere to regulatory codes. If in doubt, seek advice from relevant legislative authorities and consulting engineers regarding application.