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Cable Pit Installation

If weather proofing is required, contact ACO for specific details.

1.Before installation, mark all conduit entries on pit walls.

2.Using holesaw of required size, cut out conduit entries.

3.Excavategreater than overall dimensions of the pit.

4.Remove all loose material. Level and compact base. Compact to 95% RDD (Relative Dry Density).

5.Install pit on stiff wet concrete base with minimum depth of 50mm. Higher load classes require more concrete. Minimum concrete strength of 25MPa is recommended. If using standard lids, ensure top of pit is level with finished pavement level. If access covers are used, top of the pit must be set down beneath pavement. See standard installation drawings.

6.Connect conduit to pit, flush with inside wall so clear working area of enclosure is not impeded. Conduits must have sharp edges removed. If bellmouth conduit fitting is required for drawing operations, cut appropriate size hole for bellmouth fitting and epoxy glued into pit. The outside of pit should be reinforced around bellmouth to ensure bellmouth/pitjoint is not damaged when cable is pulled. ACO does not recommend use of bellmouths for plastic pits.

7.For multiple conduit entries, concrete haunch should be put around pipes to preserve pit rigidity. Minimum of 100mm concrete encasing is recommended and 200mm measured out from pit wall.

8.Seal pit and pipe connectionwith proprietary sealant to prevent ingress of moisture/silt during service.

9.Place lid into rebate of pit before back filling.

a.For Class A applications, backfill using sand/clean fill and lightly compact at 300mm increments. Do not over compact plastic pits, as this can lead to pit walls deforming.

b.For Class B applications, concrete collar is required for paved, concreted and asphalted pavements with minimum width and depth of 150mm. Minimum concrete strength of 25MPa is recommended.

c.For Class C applications and above, a concrete encasement is required for pit and access cover. Plastic pits are not recommended for this application.

d.Finished surfaces of the cement concrete/asphalt must be finished flush with pit/cover edge.