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Reduce Depth - Plastic Pit

The following instructions detail how to modify a typical plastic pit (Types 1-8 & 53) to form a reduced height pit.

  1. Cut the base of the pit below the step at the cutting line.
  2. Flip the top section upside down and trace the base profile onto the bottom of the top section. Enlarge the hole with a jig saw. This will allow the base section to slide inside the top section. The marking can be done before cutting if desired.
  3. Slide the bottom section of the pit inside the top section until the required pit depth is achieved.
  4. Reattach the 2 pit sections using either of the two options below.
    a) Using at least 4 self-tapping screws, screw through the walls of both pit sections from the inside of the enclosure. This prevents any screws from protruding into the pit
    b) Drill holes to accommodate bolts and bolt the 2 sections together

Note: The load capacity of the pit structure may be compromised when cutting and bolting pit components. If in doubt, concrete encase the pit.