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Owner Safety & Security

Cable enclosures are selected, installed and maintained to protect the general public against physical contact with potentially live parts through accidental contact or unauthorised access.

Additionally, adequate provision needs to be made for the safety of maintenance crews and for the ingress of water.

Unauthorised Access

To prevent unauthorised public access to pits, ACO's non-locking lids are available with keyhole plugs (part no. 84625) and require a special tool to lift the lid.

For additional security, ACO provides a choice of locking options:

  • PowerLok® pit locking system - Patented barless system allowing lids to be secured to the cable pit by locking to the pit structure, both directly and through a fastened bracket. Low level security is achieved by closing the spring hatch and sliding the grey clip mechanism shut to engage the bracket. For high security, a bolt may be used to fasten the lid to the bracket through a metal chamber. In very sensitive environments, a bolt or padlock may be used in the chamber.
  • PITLOK® pit locking system - Access covers can be locked with standard or security bolts requiring a special key. Contact ACO for details.
  • CS surface cable ducting systems are supplied with 4 bolts per lid or optional security bolts. Contact ACO for details.