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Pit Accessories

To facilitate installation of cable enclosures along cable route, and to satisfy specific user needs, a range of accessories is offered.

Accessories are designed to assist with installation, services identification, maintenance and keyhole/IP protection.

Polymer concrete and plastic pits may require different accessories. Table below helps guide selection. If in doubt, contact ACO.

Compatible with:
DescriptionPolymer Concrete PitsPlastic PitsPart No.Weight (kg)
Pit Additions
Pit divider anglesX765140.35
Hanger bracketsX765090.15
Steel Lid ID
Brass plate - ElectricityXX502750.05
Brass plate - CommunicationsXX502690.05
Brass plate - GasXX774200.05
PowerLok® Assembly
PowerLok® bracket packet¹XX765100.80
Pit Maintenance
Polymer concrete repair kit (1L)X021631.40
PowerLok® toolXX013180.20
Cement concrete lid lifterXX843071.15
Urbanfil®/Pavermate® lifting key short handleXX843060.40
Urbanfil®/Pavermate® allen locking keyXX843130.25
Rhinocast® lifting key-pair short handleXX846543.60
Rhinocast® lifting key-pair long handleXX848548.10
Rhinocast® sealing grease 4kgXX731314.40
Rhinocast® sealing grease 20kgXX7315421.80
Installation Devices²
Certified pit lifter (Type 8 & 99 pits only)X843086.10
Holesaw: sintered 95mm - hex shaftX990960.90
Holesaw: sintered 117mm - hex shaftX991111.25
Holesaw: sintered 127mm - hex shaftX991211.30
Holesaw: sintered 152mm - hex shaftX991511.85
Holesaw: sintered 180mm - hex shaftX991711.95
Holesaw: sintered 95mm - SDSX990950.85
Holesaw: sintered 117mm - SDSX991101.35
Holesaw: sintered 127mm - SDSX991201.35
Holesaw: sintered 152mm - SDSX991502.00
Holesaw: sintered 180mm - SDSX991702.55
Keyhole/IP Protection³
Universal plug, fits all non-locking lidsXX84625negligible
Urbanfil®/Pavermate® grey capXX84329negligible
Urbanfil®/Pavermate® gold capsXX84334negligible
Rhinocast® rectangular long red capsXX84622negligible
Rhinocast® rectangular short red capsXX84620negligible
Rhinocast® round red capsXX84626negligible
  1. Bracket packet standard for all PowerLok® lids. Items listed replacement purposes only.
  2. Sintered diamond holesaws not recommended for plastic pits.
  3. Caps supplied standard with Urbanfil®, Pavermate® and Rhinocast® covers. Items listed replacement purposes only.